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 Damp and Waterproofing Specialist

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Damp, Leaks and Waterproofing Repairs. Rising Damp and Spalling Solutions.

We have 20 years experience in the design and construction industry. We are committed to use this knowledge to provide the best waterproofing solutions to our clients. We have brought together skills in various engineering fields, amassing decades of invaluable experience and expertise.

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Damp and Waterproofing Repairs:

  • Damp and leaks assessment and reporting. Please call the office for our hourly rate.
  • Reports with professional recommendations for use by private owners, body corporates and property managers.
  • Mini Damp Reports: One pager for property buyers and estate agents.
  • Specialist in Cement based waterproofing.
  • Expert Witness for arbitrations.

Our Mission

  • To report accurately on damp and leakage and waterproofing problems.
  • To better living conditions by solving damp problems.
  • To be competitive and efficient.
  • To communicate effectively giving personalised attention to clients and projects.
Bernard N Berman expert in damp proofing and waterproofing.
For damp consulting expertise and guaranteed quality assurance call
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B.Sc. Civil Engineer UCT
072 3500211
Consultant: Sidney Levick
(Structural Steel Frames)

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